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Since 1979, Marin Child Care Council has offered a variety of services for parents, child care providers, and the community that are essential to the delivery of quality child care in the county. These services include child care resource and referrals, child care subsidies, training of child care professionals and parent education and support.


As a private, non-profit agency dedicated to children and families, Marin Child Care Council depends on the generosity of donors and friends. Your gift, no matter what size, makes a valuable and immediate difference to Marin Child Care Council and our whole community. Support from individuals and businesses, like you, will help ensure that:


  • Children learn and thrive

  • Parents are able to work, go to school, attend job training and receive parenting support

  • Child care providers maintain sustainable businesses that promote children's learning and development


Your gift really does count! Please consider making a tax deductible donation, thank you!

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