Required Healthy Schools Act Training

June 20, 2016


What is the new HSA training requirement?

Beginning July 1, 2016 school IPM coordinators and anyone who may apply a
pesticide at a school or child care center must take a Department of Pesticide
Regulation (DPR)-approved training course before making a pesticide


Who needs to take an HSA training course?
Anyone using a pesticide, including licensed pesticide applicators, at a school
or child care center needs to take an HSA training course. This includes, but is
not limited to disinfecting wipes, sanitizers, and weed-killers.


How often must HSA training be completed?

o School district staff, child care center staff, and any other unlicensed
individuals using pesticides at a school or child care center must take a
training course each year.


o Licensed pesticide applicators must take a training course once during
each renewal period.


What courses will meet the training requirement?
A course must be approved by DPR and must meet the training requirements
as outlined in the Healthy Schools Act. Check the sections below for more
information about approved courses.


DPR Online HSA Training Courses – through the Ca. Dept. of Pesticide


o Basic Course – AVAILABLE NOW!
Basic Pest Management in the School and Child Care Settings is designed for
child care providers, teachers, custodians, and food service workers.


o Intermediate Course – COMING SOON!
Practical Pest Management Considerations to Support Healthy Kids is
designed for school maintenance, operations, and facilities staff.


o Advanced Course –AVAILABLE NOW!
Best Management Practices Around Children is designed for licensed pest
management professionals. Upon completion, one hour of continuing
education credit will be given to DPR and SPCB licensees

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