January 29, 2022

at the

Embassy Suites

San Rafael



Child Care and Early Education Conference


Striving For Excellence is Marin Child Care Council's annual conference for early childhood educators and professionals in Marin and surrounding counties. The conference enables people who are working with children, directly or indirectly, to obtain training in a professional and relaxed environment.  All are welcome -- licensed family childcare providers, childcare center staff, administrators, informal (non-licensed) caregivers and other interested community members. The participants engage in stimulating learning opportunities and gained knowledge that directly enhances the quality of care provided in their programs.


Educating and involving local communities and leaders, to understand child care issues and to plan effectively to address child care needs that are supportive of all families, is a vital role we play in this community. We are proud to work in partnership with a number of local and statewide organizations and groups on behalf of families and children.


Our keynote speaker Michele Tyler is an educational coach, facilitator, and consultant with over 25 years of educational experience in early learning settings. Much of Michele’s current work supports programs in designing exceptional professional development, and engaging teachers and families in productive, relationship-based conversations with children and families.


Michele is an authorized Teaching Pyramid, CSEFEL, coach and trainer. She is also a certified CLASS observer and trained in PITC.  Michele has worked throughout the state of California conducting trainings and professional development seminars for both Family Child Care Programs, as well as Center based programs.  Michele is a self-professed “science geek” and has developed a passion for all things science. 


Michele will be talking on STEM, STEAM, and STREAM-What does it all mean? Looking at these topics and discuss what it means to us them as Early Childhood Professionals.  She’ll also converse fun, creative ideas and strategies to teach hands on STEM activities to help your little ones unleash their inner scientists (and maybe yours too!).


Workshop Tracks


SESSION I at 10:45am

Provider Cafe:

Cuarto de Napa III ~ MC3 Team; Baldemar Ruppert, Elsa Quintanilla, Dennise Enriquez, and Maria Gutierrez


IN SPANISH - En este café, nos enfocaremos en conversaciones que involucrarán a los proveedores a enfocarse en su bienestar holístico. Los proveedores aprenderán sobre seis dominios de vitalidad del bienestar que mantienen a las personas sanas, transforman una lucha personal en un viaje basado en la comunidad y ayudar a las personas a reflexionar sobre su bienestar y a realizar cambios para mejorar sus vidas.

SESSION II at 1:15pm 


Trauma infantile y su efecto en los niño: Cuarto de Napa III ~ Michelle Charron MSW PPSC

IN SPANISH -  Esta sesión analizará cómo el cerebro de un niño se ve afectado por un trauma, técnicas para trabajar con niños traumatizados y autocuidado para los profesionales.

SESSION III at 2:45pm 


Meneos Estrés, Más Plenitud:

Cuarto de Napa III ~ Astrella Azar


IN SPANISH -  El estrés nos afecta a todas. Aprende a reconocer las señales del estrés y como te afecta, y descubre herramientas antiguas y modernas para manejarlo, en tu trabajo y en tu vida diaria.


SESSION I at 10:45am 

STEM to STEAM: The “Arts” and Its Importance in STEM Education:

Marin I&II ~ Michele Tyler


The main difference between STEM and STEAM is that STEM symbolizes a modern approach to science and related subjects focusing on solving problems with critical thinking and analytical skills. STEAM education explores the same subjects, but incorporates creative thinking and applied arts into teaching and real situations.  Join us for this interactive workshop as we look at ways to integrate art into traditional STEM subjects in our ECE programs.

SESSION II at 1:15pm 

STEM for Infants and Toddlers:

Marin I&II ~ Michele Tyler


It is never to early to start teaching with STEM.  An the ideal way to do that is to take them outside.  In this workshop we will discuss easy fun ways to introduce STEM concepts to our children.  

SESSION III at 2:45pm 


Empower-Up your Preschool: Building a foundation with tools: Marin I&II ~Mitzi Medrud and

Tanja Schulte-Irwin

An interactive workshop on using real tools in the classroom. Our presentation details our journey of how we integrated a workbench into our classroom, the steps taken to teach children how to safely use real-life tools, and highlighting their experiences of risk-taking and empowerment.  We will also share finished products and the process involved with project-based work in preschool. 


SESSION I at 10:45am 


Introduction to Creating Ephemeral Art with Children:

Napa I&II ~ Elissa Calvin                                         

This presentation will introduce attendees to how to integrate ephemeral art projects with preschool aged children. There are many cognitive, social-emotional, and physical benefits to this calming and creative activity! Come ready to expand your notion of what art can be, what young children are capable of, and to try out some ephemeral art yourself with natural materials and loose parts.

SESSION II at 1:15pm 


At the Heart of Nature Connection:

Napa I&II ~ Wendolyn Bird

This workshop will explore 3 Foundational Points through, lecture and interactive participation, that can support anyone’s desire to deepen their relationship with: Their nature, the nature of their Child(ren)/students and Nature itself. The benefits of this work have been known to bring about ease, joy, resilience and more peace at home and in your classrooms.

SESSION III at 2:45pm 

Mindfulness; Helping Kids Connect to the Present; mind, body and heart.:

Napa I&II ~ Jocelyn “Jyoti” Kay Levy

This interactive talk will give teachers an overview of Wee Yogis and the importance of bringing yoga and mindfulness to kids and more specifically into the classroom setting. Jocelyn will teach some basic mindfulness tools, exercises and songs that will help your classroom explore deep connection to the present moment, to their peers, and to their emotions. All activities have been proven to help children develop a mind body heart connection, release stress, gain confidence, focus and learn to express themselves.