What is HEAL?

The Marin Countywide Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) Initiative brings together residents and community partners from throughout Marin to create a road map to improve community health. We are pleased to announce we have received a grant from the Marin Community Foundation for HEAL work with families and providers enrolled in our Access to Quality Child Care program. This program focuses on policies, systems and practices to support HEAL work in child care and support quality. Other opportunities include: more training  for the provider community, on-site work with specialists in different areas, garden and nutrition education and much more!

Wildfire Smoke and Young Children

The Northern California fires have caused many days full of smoke, creating unhealthy air quality. So what does that mean for families and children? Research tells us that children are more vulnerable from environmental toxins such as smoke. This is because of the children's unique physiological development stage. Children's organs such as lungs and brain as well as their metabolism and detox pathways are not yet fully developed. Thus, the child’s environment is one of the most important places to start when it comes to children's overall health. The air, water, food, in a home or child care setting all impacts a child's health in major ways. "Children eat more, drink more, and breathe more

Physical Distance and Physical Activity

Social distance is hard for children however exercise and physical activities is more important than ever. There are many ways to get kids active and healthy all while giving space for safety and health. Here is a fun activity you can do at your home or child care site that get kids playing and moving while keeping in mind distance. Swat the Fly- fun two-person movement activities where kids can help make props that go along with them. What you will need: Long string for pulling behind one child. Paper plate Colored markers Pool noodle Have children draw a fly on the paper plate and attach it to one end of the string. Have one child run and the other child try to “swat the fly”/ paper plate.

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