What is HEAL?

The Marin Countywide Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) Initiative brings together residents and community partners from throughout Marin to create a road map to improve community health. We are pleased to announce we have received a grant from the Marin Community Foundation for HEAL work with families and providers enrolled in our Access to Quality Child Care program. This program focuses on policies, systems and practices to support HEAL work in child care and support quality. Other opportunities include: more training  for the provider community, on-site work with specialists in different areas, garden and nutrition education and much more!

Nanny Background Checks: Why TrustLine is the Gold Standard for California

Hiring a nanny is a process usually fraught with anxiety. Ideally, you want someone who shares your ideas on child rearing — everything from feeding times, play dates, naps, and discipline. It’s a big decision. The more information you can gather about a potential nanny, the more educated your hiring decision will be. The final screening step, the background check, shouldn't be skipped. The protection it brings your child and the peace of mind it will bring you is more than worth the cost. The question is what company conducts background checks specifically for caregivers? Surely the background check that is conducted for construction workers is not the same as the one used for caregivers. T

Nutrition Fundamentals

It is always a good idea to look at your diet. Here are a few reminders you can apply when making meals at home, child care center, yourself or others. Variety: Often we stick to the same for meal, but that can limit the amount of nutrients in our diet. This and can also cause children to become pickier and stuck in liming food patterns. Incorporating seasonal fruits and veggies can help increase nutrient dense food, as well as provide a platform for learning. Try to incorporate one or two new meal recipes each month. Working with meal themes (Latin food, food of the Caribbean, grandparent’s recipe) as well as bringing stories or songs can make new meals fun and desirable to try. And of cour

All About Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates can be an important part of one’s diet. They provide energy for your body. There are two types of carbohydrates: simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. We will go over the difference. Simple Carbohydrates: Are digested rapidly. This gives your body a burst of energy however does not create a long term energy source. Simple carbohydrates can spike blood sugar and leave your hungry soon after you have eaten. Simple carbohydrates act just like sugar to the. Although they can be found naturally in honey milk and some fruits the majority of simple carbohydrates are manufactured. Simple carbohydrates that are manufactured are more refined and found in baked goods, breads, pa

Do You Have Picky Eaters?

Children of all ages have difficulty trying new things and sometimes very cautious when trying new food items. However, it is important to not be discouraged and continue to support trying new things in a positive environment. Eating from a variety of foods and food groups are important is having children get proper nutrition and developed taste buds. FACT: It can take children 10-15 times of actually trying and tasting food before they like it. Infants: When offering new foods you could try alternating between new and familiar foods. Toddlers and children: Create a routine that everyone should try new foods! Incorporate it into learning about that food with activities. Where does it come fr

It’s National Breastfeeding Month!

It’s national Breastfeeding month! All of us at MC3 want to celebrate moms everywhere. We believe breastfeeding is an important role in infant nutrition and development. That is why we are working on helping moms and child care providers feel supported with breastfeeding options. Currently our HEAL program is reaching out to our child care providers to help create individualized site policies and practices to support breastfeeding, as well as inviting spaces that allow moms to come and breastfeed. If your child care site would like to participate and get support in creating healthy breastfeeding environment, please contact: Madelene - HEAL Education Coordinator at 415 491 5784 or madelene@mc

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