Growing Strong Award


Gold Award Recognition

Beatriz Family Child Care

Southern Child Care

Maria Ayala Family Child Care

Monkey Flower Family Child Care

North Marin Community Services Program

Papermill Creek Children's Corner

Little Stars Preschool

Swiss Family Child Care

Saint Raphaels Preschool

Imagina y Juega


Silver Award Recognition

Ramirez Family Child Care


FALL 2020

Rubi Chan           Ruby’s Day Care              

Juan Garay          Victoria Day Care            

Claudia Rauda    Rauda Child Care            

Lety Lopez          The Children Ark

Marilyn Alfaro   Fairfax San Anselmo Children Center      

Ana Torres          Ana’s Day Care 

Elsa Espinoza      Loving Arms Child Care

Ana Andrade       Wolf Pack Family Child Care

Kayla Casey        Old Firehouse School Mill Valley

Tamara Demille Little Feet

Dennis Demille   Little Feet

Jorge Valencia      Best Friends Day Care

Amanda Mosher       Miss Nicky’s Preschool

Amanda Traynor      Miss Nicky’s Preschool          

Lilian Simoes      Blossom Nursery School

Katrina Callas     Miss Nicky’s Preschool  





Spring 2020

Victoria Muñoz - Victoria's Day Care

Milene Marchese - Swiss Family Child Care

Elmer Ortega - Rauda's Child Care

Manuela Hernandez - Jasmin Day Care

Norma Segura - Mama Mimis

Jesus Blanco - Mama Mimis

Lily Marin - Lily's Daycare

Esly Figueroa - Esly's Daycare

Carolina Hernandez - Esly's Daycare

Julissa Santizo - Ortega's Day Care

Blanca Cruz - Montessori

Lizbeth Lopez - Montessori

Ada Duenas - Imagina y Juega

Evelyn Valencia - Best Friend's Daycare

Nelsy Chan - Chan-Rosado Childcare

Dalia Chan - Dalia's Child Care

Marcia Muñoz - Marcia's Daycare Home

Daniela Alvarez Santizo - Santizo's Daycare

Andres Noyola - Southern Child Care

Maria Duran - La Casa Del Sol

Angelica Nava Lopez - Maria Rosa Day Care

                            HEAL Champions  2020

                            HEAL Champions  2019

Carol Moss - Saint Raphael Preschool

Cecilia Lopez - Montessori School of Central Marin

Donja Fields - Saint Raphael Preschool

Jennifer Noyola - Southern Childcare

Kathy Damato - Saint Raphael Preschool

Linda Miramontes - Saint Raphael Preschool

Krystal Bearra - Alpha Kids Academy

Jennifer Cesario - Alpha Kids Academy

Reina Catzim Diaz - Lollipop Daycare

Steph Lopez - Alpha Kids Academy

Edith Yates - Saint Raphael Preschool

Yvonne Brady - Saint Raphael Preschool

Natividad Amador - Hamilton Preschool

Claudia Diaz - Swiss Family Child Care

Solange Vilela - Swiss Family Child Care

Erica Lesser - Santa Margarita Children Center

Kerlin Mayorga - North Marin Community Services

Lisa Lightner - Santa Margarita Children Center

Valinda Naklicki - Montessori in Motion

Emmy Akin - Santa Margarita Children Center

Claudia Sanchez - Santa Margarita Children Center

Mayza Wilson - Granny Teresa Child Care

Teena Madison - Saint Raphael Preschool

Arleen Uryu - Santa Margarita Children Center

Maria Rosa Rodriguez - Maria R Home Child Care

Growing Strong Award

What is the Growing Strong Award certificate program?

The Growing Strong award certification is a free and voluntary opportunity for all child care providers. This program assesses child care sites on their nutrition and physical activity practices. Participants receive support through the HEAL grant. Through self-assessment, goal setting, resources and training we work with providers to help make improvements. Best practices will be recognized in areas that help empower children and their families in making life long healthy choices.

                            HEAL Champions  2018

Aura Chavez - CreArt Preschool

Banita Stevenson - Marin Formative Christian Preschool

Dana Hawke - Marin Formative Christian Preschool

Devora Gonzalez - Ortega Day Care

Emma Jacobson - Marin Formative Christian Preschool

Kahla Vinson - Noah's Ark Preschool

Kristin Cronin - Marin Formative Christian Preschool

Laura Vincint - Marin Formative Christian Preschool

Linda Guo - Morning Sun Little School

Lonnie McHale - Marin Formative Christian Preschool

Maria Magdalena Barahona Rosas - CreArt Preschool

Megan Stoll - Noah's Ark Preschool 

Rhea Phutsangdee - Noah's Ark Preschool 

Rina Santizo - Santizo Day Care

Sadaf Salimi - Little Stars Child Care

Sedi Hashemi - Paradise Family Child Care

Sooror Nojabaei - Hugs and Kisses Child Care

Wild Flowers

                            HEAL Champions  2017

Alisa Lamp- Paper Mill Children's Corner

Leticia Ramirez- Ramirez Child Care

Beatriz Chimal- Beatriz Child Care

Suporn Lin- Parkside Preschool

Chase Hardy- Oakview Preschool

Ali Ratto- Novato Youth Center

Michele Keane- Novato Youth Center

Karina Soarez- Tia Karina House

Elvira Arteaga – Monkey Flower Child Care

Lynn Nichelini- Santa Margarita Children Center

Maria Ayala – Maria Ayala Child Care

Patricia Van Der Beek- CreArt Child Care Center

Gazelle Terrado- Bright Starz Child Care Center

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Madelene McCann our HEAL Education Coordinator at 415.491.5784 or